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Pet Friendly RV Rentals: Tips and Tricks

At Adventure Touring USA, we know your pets are an important part of the family. To ensure you can have the RV vacation of your dreams we offer pet friendly RV rentals! Learn more about a pet-friendly holiday here.

Maggie Spizzirri
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Prepping for your Pet Friendly RV Adventure

Trip to the Vet

Now that you have your pet-friendly RV rental it’s time to take a trip to the vet. Make sure all your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Some RV campgrounds may ask to see vaccination records. For more information, read up on the government requirements for traveling with pets. Get a printed copy of your pet’s medical records and make sure you keep them on you while traveling! 

Trip to the Pet Store

Get an id collar with your contact information. In the case of separation from your pet, you will be easily contacted. 

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What to Bring:

  • Leashes: you will want a long leash to tie up on your site at RV parks. Also, for walking in most RV parks dogs will need to be on a leash.
  • Vet contact information: It is important that you Google the name of a few vets in the area where you will be staying so that if an emergency arises you will be prepared.
  • Identification: make sure that your pet has a collar that has your cell number on it. It won’t do you any good to have someone find your pet while you are visiting Los Angeles but they are calling your home phone in Las Vegas trying to contact you.
  • A hose or bucket: this exciting adventure means lots of dirt, mud, and sand for your pet. Prepare yourself to give a couple of doggie baths on your road trip.  And, don’t forget to pack the doggy soap and towel!
  • Dog food: if your dog is a picky eater make sure you pack some food for them, not all dog food is universal nationwide. Dogs like having the same food all the time, so changing their food may cause all sorts of tummy upsets. Make sure that you have drinking water available at all times. It is not recommended that you drink water from the holding tanks of an RV, so don’t let your pet drink it either.
  • Common courtesy: be a good neighbor while staying in RV parks with your pet. Always pick up after them. Always keep them at your campsite and do not let them wander into other people’s sites. If you have to leave your pet in the RV while you are gone, check in with your neighbors when you get back to make sure they weren’t disturbing anyone.

Lastly, don’t forget the poop bags, food and water bowls. Also, add a little extra comfort with their bed from home.

Pet Safety

Before you leave you will want to think about a few things:

  • Shots: You may need to make sure your pet has all his shots up to date. If you are crossing international borders you may be stopped and asked to produce up-to-date vaccination records. You will need to make sure that all shots are current and you may need to make sure that Spot has his rabies vaccine. Also, check the area that you are traveling to and see what parasites are in the area. You may need to give Spot something for heart-worm or tick prevention. Some kennels require pets to be vaccinated for kennel cough. Even though you may not be planning to take your pet to a kennel, some things are beyond your control and it is better to have it and not need it.
  • Temperature: just like your vehicle, the inside of the RV will get too hot or cold for your pet. If you have to leave your pet in the RV, do not rely on the air conditioner to keep them cool and safe. Air conditioners can break down, always have someone check on your pet throughout the day. If you are staying at a campground, maybe you can trade-off with another pet owner who is staying nearby. If you are leaving for the day maybe a doggie daycare is a good option. This way, you can go and enjoy the day and your pet will have fun with other dogs while being taken care of.
  • Kennel or Harness: while driving the RV don’t let your pet roam free. In case of an accident, they could get seriously injured. Consider, putting your pet in a kennel or look into a dog car seat harness (it’s like a seatbelt for your dog). If your pet is used to sleeping in a kennel, this will also keep him feeling safe and secure anywhere you go. Keeping your pet in his kennel will help keep the dog hair and dirt to a minimum keeping the RV cleaner and saving you work at the end of your trip. If you have to leave your pet in the RV, the kennel will keep them from chewing something in the RV, saving damage to the RV and maybe even a large vet bill.
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Happy Pets

Remember, when RVing with your pets, take frequent pee and exercise breaks. It is easy to drive long hours when you are heading for a destination. But, stop at those beaches, forests, and desserts and get out and stretch the legs. As a bonus, you never you what adventure you and your pet will encounter! Book your pet-friendly RV rental today and get ready for the road trip of a lifetime. Take all the time you need with the whole family on board. Make sure you let us know your pets will be joining you when you reserve your RV rental. Book now, and start planning for your spectacular or should we say “pet-acular” holiday today! Follow us on facebook.com/RVAdventureTouring or on Twitter @usarvrentalscom for promotions and exciting articles about life in an RV!

A Successful RV Adventure with your Pets

At Adventure Touring USA, we know your pets are an important part of the family. To ensure you can have the RV vacation of your dreams we offer pet friendly RV rentals!

The following tips and tricks will help you have a successful road trip with your pet friendly RV rental.

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Now that you are ready to travel with your furry friend let’s look at Tips and Tricks for Off the Grid RVing.

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