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How to Save Money When Booking an RV

Keeping costs down during your vacation can be important. In this article, we’ve put together some great cost saving tips to make your next road trip one for the books. Renting an RV doesn’t have to break the bank, find out how to make your next adventure more affordable!

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Keeping costs down during your vacation can be important. We’ve put together some great cost-saving tips to make your next road trip one for the books. Get a discount RV rental because renting an RV doesn’t have to break the bank.

When to book:
Most special’s for discount RV’s happen in the first few months of the year. Between January and March is the best time to book one way rentals and get the best early booking discounts.

Let’s be honest, most people want to travel when the kids are out of school and the weather is nice, but to save some money why not look a Spring or Fall trip. You will still get beautiful weather, who really wants to travel in the sweltering heat anyways, and the money you save can be put towards some indoor attractions.

Pay attention to location:

If you are traveling in from another country, check to see if you get a cheaper rate because you have an international driver’s license. You can also save money by staying local. Checking out the great places within your state can make any RV rental cheaper by saving you money on additional miles, which can add up quickly.

Take advantage of a cheaper pickup location. If you are in New York and are looking to go to Miami, see if it is worth driving the RV down, instead of flying. If it is winter in New York you will get off-season cheap rates, rather than paying high season rates in Miami.

When to travel:
High season starts from about mid-June to mid-September. If you can avoid traveling during this time you can get a cheaper RV rental.

Size of RV:
When choosing which RV to book consider traveling in a smaller RV. Most of your time will be spent driving or exploring the area you are visiting, not sitting in the RV. A smaller RV will also save you gas. Check out some tips for maximizing RV gas mileage.

Smaller usually RV’s usually have a cheaper nightly rate, but not always. Look at all the different sized options for your trip before you make your decision.

Bring your own meals & supplies:
Most RV’s come equipped with a kitchen. Bring your own meals to cook so you save money on eating at restaurants. Plus we always think that camp food is some of the best food out there.

Having the RV fully loaded with pots, pans, pillows, and blankets can be a great convenience, but it can also come at a great cost. See if it is feasible to bring your own supplies, the savings may be worth in inconvenience.

Research parks or campgrounds:
It’s always a great idea to research the parks and campgrounds you plan to attend. Read reviews, check on costs, and how far the experiences you want to see are from where you will be parking. A little pre-planning goes a long way when you are trying to budget your RV rental road trip.

Get the most Miles Per Gallon (MPG):

Depending on the size and weight of your RV, you can expect to get between 8-12 mpg.

Watch Your Speed – Did you know that for every 5 miles that you drive over 60 mph you can assume that you are paying an additional 10 to 30 cents per gallon. So if you are driving 75 miles per hour, it is like paying an additional 30 to 90 cents per gallon. That is going to add up quickly. Using the cruise controls keeps your vehicle at a constant speed, making the vehicle more efficient.

Check your tire pressure – proper tire pressure can increase your fuel economy by up to three percent. Tires should be checked every couple of days and while they are cold.

Keep your water and your waste tanks empty until you get to your destination. Hauling around hundreds of pounds of water will greatly reduce fuel economy.

Explore your options:

To find the cheapest RV rental rates, shop around! Adventure Touring does the shopping for you. We find all the RV rental companies and put them on one convenient site making finding the cheapest RV as easy as clicking a mouse. So check out the Adventure Touring quote tool to find the cheapest RV rental rates.

And last but not least. Remember to have fun! Enjoy the sights, experience the most, and the cost of your RV will feel discounted because it’ll be worth the experience.

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