One Way RV Rentals

One way RV rentals can be a great way to see a lot of the country! Hit the open road, with no need to go back.

Can you Rent an RV for a One Way Trip?

One way RV rentals can be a great way to see a lot of the country. Having the option to pick up in San Francisco and drop off in New York or Florida lets you drive across the country and then fly home. Maybe you want to see the Rocky Mountains, you could pick up in Denver and drop off in Seattle. Historic Route 66 is another must travel route. Starting in Chicago this highway takes you on one of the original highways from 1926. By the 1950s and ’60s, this highway was getting fewer and fewer travelers so new development stopped, so now traveling this highway is like taking a step back in time. You can pick up and drop off in Los Angeles. Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas, Miami, Orlando Las Vegas, the combination of trips are endless.

How Much Does a One Way RV Rental Cost?

A one-way RV rental trip will have all the normal fees associated with an RV rental, plus you will usually get charged a one-way fee. This one-way fee can be anywhere from $300 up to about $1000. Keep your eyes open for one-way rental deals as they are out there. Early booking specials can be a great time to get a cheap one-way rental or look for last-minute deals. Last-minute deals are more likely to be very specific as an RV rental company is trying to move an RV from one location to another. A good example of this would be Los Angeles to San Francisco. Pick-up might be on or after July 9th and drop off before July 16th. Most of the time one-way fees will be non-refundable because even if you cancel your RV rental the company will need to move the RV to your drop-off location.

When is the Best Time to Book a One-Way RV Rental?

If you are going to plan a one-way RV rental trip my advice to you is to plan the trip well in advance. 8 months to a year is not too far in advance to book if you are planning on traveling June through September. Planning this far in advance will give you the most options as far as cities and size of RV. Start looking now for your trip next summer by filling out the city, date, and vehicle fields above. Someone will get back to you with the availability of the trip you have selected.

If you are looking to book for a last-minute special and your plans are flexible, fill in the fields above and write in the comment section that you are looking for a one-way special and that your plans are flexible. Someone will email you with the specials that are available.

Is there a Minimum Number of Days that I will have to Rent an RV for a One-Way Rental?

Yes, most RV rental companies will require you to rent for a minimum of 7 days.

What are the Benefits of a One-Way RV Rental?

One of the best benefits of a one-way RV rental is that you get to see more of the country in less time. Just think you could pick up an RV in Seattle and drive down the coast until you get to Los Angeles and then just get on a plane and fly home. What about escaping winter and picking up an RV in New York and dropping it off in Orlando.

There are other options for a one-way RV rental that people don’t usually think about. Is your baby moving away to university? She probably has boxes and boxes of clothes, and books and that special teddy bear you got her for her first birthday. Is all this stuff going to be able to fit in the car? How about spending one last vacation with her and rent an RV for the trip. This will allow you to move all her stuff and create lasting memories.

What are the Drawbacks of a One-Way RV Rental?

The only real drawback to a one-way RV rental (other than the one-way fee that we have already talked about), is the drop-off commitment. When you have to drop off your rental RV on a certain day to are committed to your itinerary. If you have planned a trip that you need to drive 300 miles every day there isn’t much room to take a detour or spend an extra day in that special place you found. That’s ok though, plan your trip before you go. Figure out how many miles you need to drive every day and plan where you will stop for the night.

Why not spend some time going one way from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale in January. What a great way to see Florida and beat the winter blues.

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