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Los Angeles – Local Attractions

Los Angeles is known for its beautiful beaches, sunny climate and entertainment industry. There is so much to do in LA and we’ve narrowed down our top favorite things to do.

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Over 50 million people visit Los Angeles each year. What is the attraction? People are coming to LA for so many different reasons. One of the biggest draws of course is Disneyland. It is estimated that 44 thousand people visit Disneyland each day. Don’t just come for Mickey Mouse, Los Angeles has so much more to offer. From museums to movie stars and theme parks to outdoor adventures Los Angeles has so much to offer.

Traveling to any big city can be glamorous, but LA is the epitome of glamour, with something for all ages. Whatever you’re in the mood for, LA has numerous options. If you’re on a road trip and Los Angeles (LA) is on your list of places to go, why not check out our luxury RVs.

Whether you’re getting dressed up and exploring the city’s nightlife or visiting the iconic sights, this City of Stories is sure to leave an impression. Travel in style and stop at a few of these must-see places to add a bit of extra luxury to your RV trip.

Getty Museum Building

The Getty Centre

The Getty Centre is a program of the Getty Trust, one of the world’s largest and wealthiest art organizations. Set aside 3-4 hours to explore the Getty Art Museum; admire the architecture, take part in a workshop, walk the gardens with hidden sculptures and benches and get an eyeful of the best view of Los Angeles.

LA Universal Studios Sign

Universal Studios Theme Park

No trip to Los Angeles is complete without a trip to Universal Studios. There are rides, shows, restaurants, cinemas, and a real working movie studio. Fun for the whole family! Give this attraction at least 1 full day.

Universal Studios Hollywood offers behind the scene tours looking at how special effects are made and other movie-making techniques. Rides and attractions are based on movies produced by Universal Studios. Check out Jurassic Park or Transformers – The Ride, or the Studio Tour which is 13 city blocks of sets from Wisteria Lane to the Bates Motel.

Griffith Observatory Sky View

Learn at Griffith Observatory

Enjoy a free attraction at Griffith Observatory, but if you want to take in a planetary show there will be a small charge. Ask one of the many volunteers to explain any of the exhibits to you. This science and space center is a short walk up from Griffith Park, the country’s largest public park.

Runyon Canyon Park

If you want nature in LA visit this park right in the middle of the city. It is an easy to moderate trail and takes about an hour round trip once you enter the park. The top offers a 360 degrees’ view of LA including unparalleled views of the Hollywood sign. Photo op anyone?!

a few hikers at Runyon Canyon on clear sunny day
Photo Credit:

The Nethercutt Collection

Maybe one of the classiest attractions Hollywood has to offer is a collection of perfectly restored vintage cars, most from the 1930s. This attraction is free but it’s a good idea to make a reservation the day before you plan on visiting.

Vintage Car

Pacific Park

Pacific Park is an amusement park located on the Santa Monica Pier, ride the Ferris wheel to see the spectacular view of the Santa Monica Bay, the Pacific Ocean, the city, and Venice Beach.

Pacific Park taken from ocean view on a sunny afternoon
Photo Credit: Anthony Grimaldi on Unsplash


I don’t need to mention Disneyland, but I will. Themed attractions, amusement rides, and of course Mickey Mouse. Disneyland is not just a place to bring the kids anymore. Maybe it has always been a great place for adults but over the years it has definitely become more popular. Take a thrilling ride with Indiana Jones Adventure then take the slower-paced Jungle Cruise where a guided boat ride takes you through jungle waterways past tigers, gorillas, and a menacing hippo. Spend the afternoon wandering through New Orleans Square. Enjoy the unique shops and restaurants, with the sounds of Jazz and Dixieland in the air. Plan on spending a couple of days at the happiest place on earth.

Sleeping Beauties Castle Los Angeles California
Photo Credit:

Raging Waters

Raging Waters is the west coast’s largest water park. This park boasts 50 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, 36 rides and attractions, and a sandy beach. Spend the day in lounging in the lazy river, ride the heart-pounding water slides, body surf the waves in the wave pool and spend time relaxing in your private cabana.

a water parks lazy river on a clear day
Photo Credit:

Knott’s Berry Farm

Peanut's Characters at a birthday party
Photo Credit: CP Food Blog

Knott’s Berry Farm is a themed attraction and amusement park based on the Peanut characters. This farm, once an actual berry farm, is a great stop for families, especially those with young children as Camp Snoopy is geared towards younger children. But if you do not have young children there is still so much to do. From the Silver Bullet and Montezooma’s Revenge to the Butterfly Stagecoach and Calico Railroad, Knott’s Berry Farm has something for the young and old alike.

Los Angeles Zoo

The kids will love to spend a day at the Los Angeles Zoo, with 250 different species of animals the Los Angeles Zoo is known for its conservation efforts with over 40% of the animals being on the threatened or endangered species list.

Elephant under waterfall at the LA Zoo
Photo Credit:

Aquarium of the Pacific

For a fun and education stop visit the Aquarium of the Pacific. The aquarium’s mission is to instill a sense of wonder, respect and stewardship for the Pacific Ocean, its inhabitants and ecosystems. And they definitely accomplish that. There are over 11,000 animals in over 50 exhibits so whether you want to feed the birds or touch a shark you’ll want to visit this Los Angeles aquarium.

Jelly fish at the Aquarium of the Pacific
Photo Credit:

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise, the list goes on. Who is your must-see on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Stars are divided up into 5 categories. Movies, televisions, radio, music, and live performances. Many stars have stars in more than one category. Gene Autry is the only person to have a star in each of the 5 sections. With over 2600 stars you are sure to find more than one favorite.

Picture of Mickey Mouses star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Photo Credit:

Cruise Along Mulholland

If you’re on a luxury RV road trip, there’s no better road to experience then Mulholland Drive. Located in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California, this drive is one of the most iconic in America. Inspiring numerous films and songs, this stretch of road is said to hold the history of Hollywood.

With incredible views of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the San Fernando Valley, there’s no better way to explore the area.

Mulholland Highway Vista Winding Road

The Hollywood Sign

A trip to LA wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Hollywood sign. There’s something truly magical about seeing the letters up close. It’s as if you’re gazing upon the history of glamour itself, so why not take the RV and see it in style.

California Hill Hollywood Sign

Take a Side Trip to Santa Monica

The pier, the beach, the people, and the luxury, all in one place. LA’s beachside city offers endless entertainment, with over one hundred street murals, numerous museums, and world-class shopping.

Santa Monica beach. Ocean on the left with the beach on the right. Image is in full colour.
Santa Monica

Tour a trio of Cultural Treasures

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and the Botanical Gardens is a world-renowned collection of galleries, gardens, and exhibitions. With over 750 000 visitors each year, this trio is a destination in itself. From scenic wondering to active learning, there is something for everyone.

Huntington Botanical Gardens

Outdoor / Active

Fishing in Los Angeles

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Golfing in Los Angeles

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Hiking in Los Angeles

Hiking in Los Angeles: information on hiking in Los Angeles provided by Google

Cycling in Los Angeles

Bikes and carriers are available for rent with most Los Angeles RV rentalsBook an RV rental in Los Angeles.

LA Bike Paths: a great resource for bicycle paths in and around the Los Angeles area

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Horseback Riding in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Equestrian Center: boarding stalls, show arenas, professional trainers, training rings, and more a listing of horseback riding trails in Los Angeles

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Hang Gliding in Los Angeles an online hang gliding community

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Kayaking in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks: Kayak Fitness Program and orientation

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Sailing in Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Bobby Burch

American Sailing Association (ASA): leading authority on sailing instruction and schools in the US (located in Los Angeles)

Sailing Southern California: online sailing community with a vast array of Los Angeles resources

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Tennis in Los Angeles

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Windsurfing in Los Angeles

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Inline & Roller Skating in Los Angeles

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Surfing in Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

Surfline: a great resource and map for surfing in the LA County

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LA Sky Line at Night

Los Angeles is a great big city with tons to offer. There’s surfing, museums, world-class food, nature, a competitive nightlife, family attractions, and the possibility to see a celebrity!

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Happy Travels!

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