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Top 5 Tips for RVing at Burning Man

Now one of North America’s largest festivals, Burning Man’s pop up community is on many people’s bucket list and fast becomes an annual tradition. Hosted in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada there are some challenges for first time Burners. We’ve put together our top 1tips to make RVing in a Burner Friendly RV rental smooth sailing.

Maggie Spizzirri
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Now one of North America’s largest festivals,’s pop-up community is on many people’s bucket list and fast becomes an annual tradition. Hosted in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada there are some challenges for first-time Burners. We’ve put together our top tips to make RVing Burning Man smooth sailing.

Tip 1: Prepare your RV before you arrive at the Burner Festival

Planning is key. Make sure you plan everything from how you’ll cook your meals, how to prepare your rig, and everything in between for a smooth experience. Check out our post on How to Prepare your RV for the Burner Festival for the best pro tips.

Tip 2: It will be dusty. Don’t get overwhelmed.

The playa dust leaves a film behind that is difficult to break. A vinegar solution helps but no matter how many precautions you take the dust gets everywhere! Understand that the desert is full of dust and plan for it. Protect your mouth and nose and seal up your RV.

Tip 3: Bring a lot of water and conserve the water you bring.

The only water available at the festival is the water you bring. So be sure to prepare. Take very short showers, consider wet wipes and dry shampoo. And remember what you pack in you have to pack out.

Tip 4: Protect your RV’s interior as much as possible.

With the heat, it’s hard not to open up the windows to get more airflow. But the dust truly does get everywhere. Consider wrapping your bed and bringing extra sheets and clothes in sealed bags or containers. There will be something so wonderful about fresh sheets and clothes at the end of the trip that isn’t covered in dust. Wear comfortable sandals and leave them outside, although be sure to weigh them down so they do not blow away.

Tip 5: Plan Where & When to Return Your RV Rental

Please note when booking an RV, choose the Reno (Burning Man) location and choose dates 1-2 days before and after the Burning of the Man festival.

Many RV rental locations will be closed the Sunday and Monday surrounding the festival, so make sure you plan your rental around that. You will not be able to leave your RV at the rental depot while the depot is closed.

Let us help you book your Burner Friendly RV rental!

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